About Us

The team

Professor / diretor Académico
Academic director
Tatiana Produção de conteúdo/ organização de eventos
Professora/ Gestão das redes sociais
Joana M.
Dália – Professora
Catarina – Professora
Customer service
Social media management

Our team is made up of teachers who work full-time teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language. They are synchronized and teach based on the same principles. This allows them to constantly share ideas and feedback, which leads to constant improvement.

Our team also ensures efficient contact with students. We are responsive and always try to find the best solution for each student. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

The Loja WordPress is our successful technology partner. Construction and management of websites with consultancy

The methodology

Our approach is based on the communicative method of language teaching, adapted to our reality, student feedback and individual needs. Our experience shows that everyone can learn Portuguese as long as they do it the right way.

Our focus is communication. To this end, we guide students so that they can develop their understanding and oral expression. We simplify the grammar. Without it, it’s too difficult to understand and to structure the language, but it should never be the focus, but a tool. We also have a component of understanding and written expression, so that the student can acquire new vocabulary in a harmonious way and learn to use it. All of this, together with numerous conversation activities, has the focus and purpose of preparing students and giving them confidence to communicate in the different situations of them lives.

We also “teach how to learn”. Often students simply don’t understand the process and make mistakes that limit their results. Many of these errors are based on preconceived ideas with no logical foundation or practical results. So our mission is to show them what works, so they don’t waste time or motivation.